Marv's Tale


Apr. 10, 2018 - 11:28 AM
# 430 ⌛ 2 - 3 mins.

Apr. 10, 2018 - 11:28 AM

Tink tink tink

It was a sound he'd heard so many times before. The sound of the mines where Marv spent his days. Countless other dwarves, not unlike himself, were scattered in the distance, each in a separate passage connected a central mine shaft. Their picks caught the light of the nearby lanterns slightly as they were swung rhythmically at the cavernous walls. Like ants building their home, the dwarves dug on.

Marv glanced at his pick. Old, and covered in soot, he rose it to strike again at the stone before him. The soot covered him as well, making the creases in his skin on his arms, face, and neck more prominent where the dust hadn't settled. His reddish-brown hair bobbed in a knot on top of his head as he worked with a few stray locks dancing past his sad eyes.

Marv had worked here almost as long as he could remember. Lacking the magical aptitude of of the more scholarly dwarves, and the sword skill of their soldiers, he took to the mines to support his family. He spent years of his life chipping at these walls and choking on dust. But at least his family was safe.

Three weeks prior he had put them on a boat to go to the new land that they were calling Daegal. As populations grew and different people groups fought over land, Marv's small mountain town of Hallum grew more dangerous. The town's mines supplied many of the ores and coal needed to craft the weapons the dwarves needed to protect themselves, and their had figured it out. The town was put on high alert, and they moved as many troops as they could spare to protect it, but Marv feared that it still wasn't enough.

So when an entirely new continent appeared out of the ocean, he was wary but hopeful. This could be the chance he had been waiting for to get out of Hallum and keep his family safe. People started colonizing Daegal, so Marv and his wife Talia decided to move there. He scrounged up enough money to Talia and their young daughter to Daegal on a boat, and he stayed to make the money he needed to get on the next boat and meet them there. One more week, and he would have enough for the boat ride to Daegal.

One more week. he thought to himself.

"Marv. You alright, lad?"

Marv looked up to find the source of the question, but he already knew who it was.